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Learning disorders

Many kids have difficulties with learning school subjects and some of them are considered dysfunctional because of that. Learning disabilities are different from learning problems that are merely the result of a distraction or environmental impact. While most children have difficulties concentrating and putting themselves to studying, some kids have visible difficulties reading, writing, or processing the information.
Children with auditory processing disorder cannot recognize slight differences in sounds because of a processing failure in their brain. Similarly, kids who have visual motor deficit cannot catch slight differences in printed letters so that they struggle reading and writing. Visual and hearing problems are the prior barriers to effective learning. Among other specific learning disabilities, scientists distinguish dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia.
Very often children have difficulties learning because of related disorders. Up to 50% of children with ADHD develop some learning disability. Dyspraxia is similar to ADHD as dyspraxic kids have difficulties controlling their movement, speech, and coordination.

Brain development

Brain development is a very complex process in humans that continues all our life through. It is most dramatic in little kids, but the brain of the adult never stops developing either. It constantly reshapes, builds new connections and loses the old ones to meet the demands of everyday life. Surprisingly, the largest number of neurons is produced yet before the birth. They continue building later on though not so rapid.
The number of neurons plays a key role in brain development, but the speed of the neural processing can show us how active the brain is. The processing speed reaches its peak at the age of 15 due to the coating of the tails of neural cells with a waxy substance called myelin. Myelination continues since the birth to the age of 30.
Development of the brain also depends on how well the connections between neural cells (synapses) are formed. They determine how fast electric signals are transmitted between cells. The number of synapses peaks within the first years of life and gradually declines later on.

Biomedical engineering

The quality of healthcare has much improved since the introduction of biomedical engineering. As technical devices and principles of engineering have been applied to the medicine, it becomes easier to diagnose conditions and treat patients. Thank to biomedical engineering, we have a potential for stem-cell engineering or 3-D printing of actual organs. All medical implants have been developed due to this branch of medicine as well.

Medical imaging is an important subfield of biomedical engineering to which we owe screening devices for EKG, MRI, ultra-sound scanners etc. Today, diagnosing of most diseases require some medical equipment. It is a great progress as compared to what diagnostics looked like in the past.

Besides imaging and implants, biomedical engineering deals with equipment for producing drugs and chemicals used in screening. A new generation of drugs appeared because there are more ways to the acquisition and testing chemicals.

Hearing loss

Hearing loss is the disorder mainly associated with the elderly. About 50% of people older than 65 experience some degree of the hearing loss that excludes them from social interaction. Elderly people with hearing problems are more likely to suffer from neglect and poor treatment. Besides age, chronic exposure to loud noises is a common reason behind the hearing loss. The condition is irreversible, but hearing specialists can help patients select devices to facilitate the little hearing they preserve.
An impaired hearing function is visible in everyday routine situations. The person may find themselves turning the volume higher when listening to the radio or television. They also notice that many sounds seem muffled so that the person cannot fully understand what other people say. But one’s hearing loss is the most visible to other family members. By how parents speak and respond, children can always tell how good their hearing is.
No need to say, the quality of life decreases with the hearing loss. Elderly people may suddenly find themselves ignored or get an impression that others are angry with them. In addition, people experiencing hearing loss rarely seek treatment.

Abuse during pregnancy

Family violence is always a damage, especially when the couple is expecting a baby. It seems that not all partners can understand how vulnerable a woman is at such a time. Besides physical, emotional, and financial abuse, pregnant women can experience neglect. Being temporary unemployed and requiring extra attention, pregnant women have special needs. Their condition requires the best care and close attention of the family.
Physical abuse is not okay for any relationships, but pregnant women could trigger it if their husband is already predisposed to such type of behavior. Pregnancy is the time of mood swings that can trigger the violence. Besides, impertinent husbands can ignore the abstinence and abuse their wives sexually. Emotionally, not all people are ready to have children. Narcissist husbands can be devastated by the fact that yet unborn, the baby takes all the attention.
It is important for women to prevent the abuse yet before pregnancy. Warning signs can be seen all over the relationships. They include narcissist behavior of the husband, chronic jealousy, total control over the wife. Detecting the abuser, women can separate from them yet before starting a family.

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The World America Made paper

To begin with, ‘The World America Made’ is a book written by the New York Times author Robert Kagan. In general, the book is all about reaffirming the role of the United States as a global leader. Yet, you will realize that this piece of writing is not only informative and entertaining but also surprising in a certain way which makes it even more fascinating to read.

As soon as you start reading, you will realize that the author is trying to highlight the following  issues:

– the United States is by no means reaching its decline;

– America has great adaptability to global trends and developments;

– the US has open political system which is a benefit;

– America is also able to reward innovation in any field.

As a result, Robert Kagan believes that the United States of America will continue to serve as a global leader, as well as an example for many countries. What is important to remember in this respect is that America has always been advocating such notions as maintenance of peace all over the world, free trade and spread of democracy. However, the modern state of affairs in the world has not been established merely by the US. The influence is diverse and all counties take part in the formation of various political, social and cultural trends. Taking everything into consideration, the book offers a great analysis of the up-to-date state of American affairs.

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